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Our Production Facilities Deliver Quality to Specification

Cybernaut's wholly-owned production plant occupies a site area of approximately 37,704.3 sq.m., at Yixing EDZ, Jiangsu, in the heart of the thriving industrialised Yangtze River Delta. The location is convenient for servicing the many steelmakers based in the Delta and the hinterland of the Yangtse. Our comprehensive maintenance system for our production plant and equipment, including scheduled downtimes for maintenance and repairs, ensures production of advanced steel flow control products runs smoothly and operates at optimal levels.

Stringent Quality Ensures Reliable Products

Cybernaut's strict quality control system encompasses all elements of the supply chain from procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished advanced steel flow control products to our customers. Our management and production consistently adheres to the most stringent domestic and international standards for quality control as evidenced by our earning ISO 9001 quality management system certification by the Beijing BTIHEA Certification Co Ltd. ISO 9001 is a set of standards and guidelines relating to quality management systems, and represents an international consensus on good quality management practices. ISO 9001 certification provides an objective standard in which prospective customers in China and around the world can have confidence in the superior quality of our products. While closely monitoring production, our quality control department conducts regular internal audits to ensure continued compliance with the above standard. We conduct regular inspections and examinations of our facilities and equipment to ensure that our end products achieve our own targeted quality standards and to prevent the delivery of sub-standard products to customers.

Production process

The following flow chart illustrates the typical production process of our advanced steel flow control products: