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Serves Major Steelmakers throughout China

Cybernaut's reputation for quality has attracted customers highlighted by prominent players in the steel industry in China and around the world. Our close partnership has been forged over the years by providing reliable customized solutions, enabling Cybernaut to grow with its customers, in parallel with the rise of China's steel industry.

A Comprehensive Commitment to Excellence in Service

A key ingredient in Cybernaut's sales success is our customer service. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than our personalised on-site after-sale services and technical assistance where Cybernaut assigns a customer services manager at the customer's production plant. Our customer service managers work in concert with our R&D team. Beyond responsively servicing the customer's requirements, the customer service manager provides updated specification and feedback about the customer's requirements as well as first-hand market data. All of this information is analyzed and evaluated during our product development with the aim of improving our products as well as innovating new solutions. We can also more readily identify and verify the regions and market segments which demonstrate the most potential.

And in the area of direct customer service, for issues that cannot be readily addressed on the customer's premises, our customer service managers can easily and quickly access Cybernaut's R&D team to provide the relevant solutions in a timely manner.

To better support our sales and service efforts, our customer services managers are geographically divided into three groups assigned to the Northern China Region, the Eastern China Region and the Southwestern China Region. The following chart shows the geographical organization of our sales team within China.