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Innovation to Customer Specifications

Cybernaut's strong R&D team reflects our emphasis on R&D as we believe R&D is the key to success, enabling us to improve and enhance the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and quality of our products. Our R&D team has an outstanding track record of designing better advanced steel flow control products and innovative solutions incorporating cutting-edge design and material technologies to cater for our customers' demanding requirements. Through close cooperation with our partners, our team closely keeps abreast of the latest global technology trends.

In addition, the support of our R&D team is critical to our sales efforts, through providing technical services to customers directly and on-site training for our sales staff. Our R&D team also plays a role in quality through providing a performance evaluation services for our components including materials and chemical characterisation.

During the past years, Cybernaut achieved various technology developments. We have developed a special machine to reduce the alumina carbon layer thickness thus increase the thickness of zirconia layer to give longer service life-span for our Subentry Nozzles.

We have also developed some tooling sets for special shapes to meet our customers' specific demands and a new mix to improve antioxidation. At the same time, we cooperate with other academic institutions for research and development of our products. In October 2007, we entered into a framework cooperation agreement with IMUST, a university in the PRC, for the development of our products. Pursuant to such agreement, the parties agree to exchange ideas on a regular basis on new product development, and IMUST will be responsible for the research and development of new products.

Over the years, we have obtained/applied the following patent registrations:

Date Patent registrations
Jan 2013 a special additive and an energy-saving continuous casting refractory containing such additives and its preparatory technique (Invention)
Jul 2012 Anti-steel Flow Secondary Oxidation Subentry Ladle Shroud (Utility)
May 2012 Subentry nozzle with 5 holes for the thin slab casting process (Invention)
May 2012 Carbonless-liner ladle shroud (Utility)
May 2012 Steel-plated shell for ladle shroud (Utility)
May 2012 Embedded porcelain nut for stoppers used in continuous casting of steel (Utility)
May 2012 Anti-steel flow leakage upper nozzle steel shell (Utility)
May 2012 Anti-steel flow leakage tundish upper nozzle (Utility)
May 2011 Mono block stopper with controlled gas flow (Invention)
Feb 2011 Subentry nozzle with 6 holes for the thin slab casting process (Invention)
Nov 2010 A built-in subentry nozzle (Utility)
Oct 2010 Compound-head structured stopper (Utility)
Sep 2010 Subentry nozzle with 5 holes for the thin slab casting process (Utility)
May 2010 Mono block stopper with controlled gas flow (Utility)
Jan 2010 Subentry nozzle with 6 holes for thin stab casting process (Utility)